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Demo at German HQ of Nottingham arms company

hk-catalogue-weaponssystem-1Four activists from Nottingham travelled to Germany to take part in a demonstration against arms company Heckler & Koch at the company’s international HQ in March.  H&K is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of small arms, and its guns are used throughout the world; from Darfur to Iraq, from Nigeria to Nepal.  The company has long been opposed by peace campaigners in Germany, and since 2008 its Nottingham office has been the target of a local campaign called Shut Down H&K.

In 2009 Heckler & Koch will be 60 years old.  In order to pre-empt the company’s birthday celebrations, German peace groups organised a protest with the slogan 60 Jahre Heckler & Koch: kein Grund zum Feiern (60 Years of Heckler & Koch: No Cause for Celebration).  The Nottingham activists were invited to a March 7th demonstration by the peace groups RIB, ORL and DFG-VK, who also funded their journey.

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Nottingham campaigners to visit Germany

Four Nottingham anti-arms trade campaigners are visiting the German town of Oberndorf-am-Neckar in early March to attend a major protest at the international headquarters of arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch, whose British branch is based in Nottingham.

The Nottingham delegation

The Nottingham delegation

The Nottingham activists will be joining their German counterparts to protest about Heckler & Koch’s role in supplying arms used in murderous conflcts around the world. It has been revealed that H&K guns have been used by the Janjaweed militias in Darfur, by Blackwater mercenaries in Iraq, by the Georgian army in South Ossetia, and by criminal gangs in the UK.

The four will represent a Nottingham-based campaign called Shut Down H&K, which has been building friendship links with German organisations who also oppose the arms trade. A German peace group caled the Armaments Information Office (RIB) invited them to attend the demonstration and offered to pay their travel expenses.

The March 7th protest has been organised by German campaign groups to pre-empt H&K’s 60th anniversary celebrations. The theme of the demonstration will be “Masquerade of Death” and the marchers will be split into two columns – one mourners dressed in black to commemorate the victims of war, and one dressed as arms dealers celebrating their booming business. There will also be a rally at which the delegation will deliver a speech about the Nottingham campaign against Heckler & Koch.

Child soldier with H&K rifleTaliban fighter with H&K rifleSerbian special forces armed with H&KNepalese soldier with H&K assault riflePalestinian militant with H&K submachine gun

Making a killing: Heckler & Koch guns in the hands of an African child soldier, a Taliban fighter in Pakistan, Serbian special forces, a Nepalese soldier and a Palestinian militant

press release in PDF


Shut Down H&K Spread The Word!

A small demo was held in Market Square on Thursday 22th January to raise awareness and spread the word about the campaign against arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch. Hundreds of flyers were handed out to passers-by with the aim of raising awareness that Nottingham is home to the international sales headquarters of a multinational arms company. Conversations were had with Nottingham residents not only about the presence of H&K in their city but also about the arms trade in general, creating an effective space to engage in dialogue with the public. For more details and pictures, see Indymedia.

Shut Down H&K campaigners raising awareness in Market Square (photo courtesy of Tash)

Shut Down H&K campaigners raising awareness in Market Square (photo courtesy of Tash)

There will be further demos in Market Square every fourth Thursday of the month, as well as continuing demos outside the headquarters in Lenton industrial estate every second Monday.


Full Circle demonstration

To highlight the link between the arms trade and refugees, and to call for an end to the exporting of arms and the deportation of asylum seekers, Shut Down H&K and No Borders Nottingham held a demonstration called FULL CIRCLE on Saturday 29th November 2008 on Nottingham’s Old Market Square.

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FULL CIRCLE – from weapons to wars to refugees

Full Circle diagram

  1. Britain is now the world’s largest arms exporter; responsible for one third of the world’s arms exports. According to UN figures, Britain exports hundreds of thousands of guns every year. The Nottingham office of arms company Heckler & Koch has exported nearly £15 million worth of guns since 2002.
  2. Such weapons invariably find their way to repressive regimes and warzones, fuelling conflict around the world. H&K guns have been used by child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, by the invading Georgian army in South Ossetia, by the Janjaweed militia in Darfur and by mercenaries in Iraq.
  3. Millions of people are forced to flee their homes to escape these wars. According to the UN, “Armed conflict is now the driving force behind most refugee flows… Refugee movements are no longer side effects of conflict, but in many cases are central to the objectives and tactics of war.”
  4. Ten of thousands of refugees who flee to the UK are refused asylum and face deportation to countries that the UK Foreign Office considers dangerous, including Iraq, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo (all countries in which H&K guns have been used).

To highlight the link between the arms trade and aylum seekers, and to call for an end to exporting arms and deporting refugees, Shut Down H&K and No Borders Nottingham will hold a demonstration called FULL CIRCLE on Saturday 29th November on Nottingham’s Old Market Square.

You can now download flyers and posters for this event.

Shut Down H&K logo No Borders logoShut down Heckler & Koch!
Freedom of movement and the right to remain for all!
No guns, no borders!


Students Target Unethical Career Corporatism

On Monday 20th October the annual AISEC Careers fair commenced at Nottingham University, featuring many organisations with despicable or at least dubious ethical credentials and social-responsibility records, including BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, Qinetiq, E.On, BP, RBS, MoD and the army. The fair also featured some student activists and Grim Reapers who had made an appearance in order to remind fellow students of the deadly consequences of working in the arms trade or climate change industry.

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Karaoke To “Heckle Those Kochs”

The Sumac Centre hosted a hilarious fundraising event for the campaign against local arms company Heckler & Koch. On Friday September 19th, singers of varying abilities, some solo and some in groups, took to the stage for a karaoke night billed as Heckle Those Kochs.

Reflecting H&K’s lethal trade, several of the songs had a gun theme, including Shot You Down and Guns Don’t Kill People, Rappers Do. Other songs had their lyrics specially altered for the occasion, including Gun Shack and These Guns Are Made For Shootin’.

Not only was the night hugely entertaining for all, it raised nearly £50 for the campaign, which has helped to pay for new flyers to be printed. To carry our message of joyful defiance, the recorded songs will be replayed at future demonstrations outside the office of Heckler & Koch.

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Aussie arms fair cancelled due to protest fears

Inspiring news for anti-arms-trade activists around the world: A major international arms fair – the Asia Pacific Defence & Security exhibition – has been cancelled due to protests planned against it. Organised by Alex Nicholl, the man behind the UK’s DSEi arms fair, APDS was due to be held in Adelaide in November but the event organisers and the South Australian government folded, citing “cost of security” and “possible threats of violence”.

Alex Nicholl (l) organiser of APDS, and Kevin Foley (r) a lying politician with an anger management problem

Arms fair organiser Alex Nicholl (l) and South Australian acting Premier Kevin Foley (r)

Government leaders, who want South Australia to be a big player in the global arms trade, have been left seething. Speaking through the right-wing Murdoch press, acting Premier Kevin Foley smeared the peace campaigners as “feral, low-life people that want society to be in a state of near anarchy for their own perverse pleasure” and “dangerous to society”.

Responding to Foley’s tirade, OzPeace, one of the groups organising the protest said “The protest had a policy of non-violent direct action and the peace movement was doing everything within its power to ensure that the protests remained peaceful.” Looking for a bogeyman, the media has demonised Sydney-based anarchist collective Mutiny, describing them as “ultra-militant” and repeating the bogus claim that they were responsible for violence at past demonstrations.

Needless to say, accusing the protesters of “violence and destruction” betrays a breath-taking double standard. Had the arms fair gone ahead, corporations including small arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch and the notoriously corrupt BAE Systems would have been there marketing the machinery of war to repressive regimes including China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The axing of this arms fair should give succour to opponents of the arms trade everywhere. Yes, the military-industrial complex is mighty, but we can take it on, and we can win.


Shut Down H&K at Sumac Garden Party

The campaign against arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch was represented at a Garden Party at Nottingham’s Sumac Centre on Sunday. The Garden Party was organised by Eastside Climate Action to raise funds for their presence at this year’s Climate Camp. It featured live bands & DJs, food & drink, games and stalls.

The Shut Down H&K campaign ran a stall to raise awareness and funds. Visitors were invited to partake in a macabre competition: guess the number of people killed by H&K weapons every week (represented by kidney beans in a glass jar). 40 people entered the competition, and guesses ranged from 100 to 3000! The answer, guessed correctly by Rhiannon, was 720, based on an estimate of one person killed every 14 minutes (from DAKS – the German Action Network to Stop Small Arms).

The event was a great success, both for Eastside Climate Action and for Shut Down H&K. There are more pictures on Indymedia, 1, 2 & 3.


Water pistol demo at Heckler & Koch

July’s monthly demo against arms company Heckler & Koch had a theme: To represent H&K’s products, protesters brought guns to the picket. There were several shootings, and protesters even staged an “execution” by firing squad!

Of course these guns were super-soakers, and the victims suffered nothing worse than soggy clothes. But beside the fun there was a serious message: The victims of Heckler & Koch’s guns don’t get away so lightly. Victims such as the villagers in Kosovo massacred by Serbian police armed with H&K submachine guns. Victims such as the prisoners in Thailand tied to a cross and executed with a H&K machine gun.

Despite the secrecy that surrounds Heckler & Koch, the Shut Down H&K campaign continues to uncover more information about the dodgy regimes that buy these weapons, and the abuses being carried out with them. At July’s demonstration, the charges against H&K were read out over a megaphone while protesters handed out leaflets to passers by. Meanwhile a sound system provided music, and Veggies catering campaign provided vegan food so good that even the police were asking for some!

For more words and pictures, see Tash’s write-up on Indymedia.


This blog is all about Nottingham-based opposition to the arms trade. If you would like to be notified about upcoming events and important campaign news, you can subscribe to the mailing list on the web or by sending an e-mail to nottsantimilitarism-subscribe (at)


Mon 2013-October-14 Picket Heckler & Koch 16:00 at Easter Park, Lenton Lane, Nottingham NG7 2PX. Monthly picket outside arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch. Bring banners and placards.


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