Water pistol demo at Heckler & Koch

July’s monthly demo against arms company Heckler & Koch had a theme: To represent H&K’s products, protesters brought guns to the picket. There were several shootings, and protesters even staged an “execution” by firing squad!

Of course these guns were super-soakers, and the victims suffered nothing worse than soggy clothes. But beside the fun there was a serious message: The victims of Heckler & Koch’s guns don’t get away so lightly. Victims such as the villagers in Kosovo massacred by Serbian police armed with H&K submachine guns. Victims such as the prisoners in Thailand tied to a cross and executed with a H&K machine gun.

Despite the secrecy that surrounds Heckler & Koch, the Shut Down H&K campaign continues to uncover more information about the dodgy regimes that buy these weapons, and the abuses being carried out with them. At July’s demonstration, the charges against H&K were read out over a megaphone while protesters handed out leaflets to passers by. Meanwhile a sound system provided music, and Veggies catering campaign provided vegan food so good that even the police were asking for some!

For more words and pictures, see Tash’s write-up on Indymedia.


3 Responses to “Water pistol demo at Heckler & Koch”

  1. 1 Sam
    2008-08-11 at 12:35


  2. 2 peter
    2009-02-07 at 20:02

    I disagree with some of the comments made on your web page. Yes heckler and koch make small arms. What about the many weapons they produce which prevent terrorism or assist law enforcement? Surely that is helping the world to be a safer place. Also, I am undertaking a charity event in Africa and approached the company asking if they would offset some of the weapons in Africa by donating money to help me with my charity to assist children with HIV. They were very quick to respond and made a donation.

  3. 3 Evey
    2009-11-12 at 18:42

    @Peter: Seeing police armed with H&K weapons does not make me feel safer. In the UK a number of innocent people have been shot by police armed with H&K, and there are concerns that the weapons are too powerful. Some of the security services supplied by H&K have dodgy human rights records such as those in Serbia and Thailand. And what happens when H&K’s initial customers no longer need the weapons – they will be sold cheaply on the international market to whoever…

    The only winners in the arms race between criminals and law enforcement are arms companies like Heckler & Koch. There are at least 640 million small arms in the world, and the effect they have is devastating. Making even more of them is not making the world a safer place.

    The money that H&K donated to your charity was a drop in the ocean compared to the money that the company has made from weapons exported to Africa, which is again dwarfed by the cost of the damage caused by those weapons. H&K rifles are still at work in Africa, in countries like Sudan, Kenya and Nigeria, where their widespread availability fuels crime and armed conflict.

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