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Government hosts arms dealing conference in Nottingham

Today the UK Government hosted a conference in Nottingham aimed at helping British arms companies boost their sales. Arms companies from across the country were invited to the swanky Nottingham Belfry hotel in Broxtowe for this one-day event, entitled “Selling to Defence & Security Markets“.

Banner: "Selling to Defence & Security Markets - Nottingham: 25 May 2010"

The event was organised by a controversial government department called UKTI DSO, which spends millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money every year promoting British arms exports, often to unstable and repressive regimes. The organisation won the 2010 Quango Awards prize for Most Ethically Dubious Quango, and Campaign Against Arms Trade is trying to get it closed down.


Heckler & Koch Shareholders Sued By Investors

In a spectacle that promises to put a smile on the face of Shut Down H&K supporters everywhere a group of bigwig investors are taking the owners of arms company Heckler & Koch (Andreas Heeschen and Keith Halsey) to court in New York. Heckler & Koch has an international sales office in an unmarked unit on a Nottingham industrial estate.

The main allegation is that Heeschen and Halsey “loaned” themselves over 100 million euros from the company account and promptly spent it on playboy luxuries such as mansions, aircraft (including a $12 million Bombardier and a $5 million Challenger) and a yacht.

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Nottingham anti-arms-trade activist convicted

Rooftop occupation at Heckler & Koch, 18th Feb 2010

Rooftop occupation at Heckler & Koch

On May 20th at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court, anti-arms-trade activist Kirk Jackson was found guilty of aggravated trespass for his part in a protest that shut down an arms company for a day. He was given a twelve month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £350 court costs.

The charge arose from a February 18th protest at the Nottingham warehouse of international arms company Heckler & Koch. Before dawn, four activists locked themselves to the gates, preventing employees from entering, while Kirk and another activist climbed onto the roof and displayed banners accusing the company of “arming repressive regimes”.

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Nottingham Anti-Arms Trade Campaigner on Trial

Blockade of Heckler & Koch, 18th Feb 2010

The blockade at Heckler & Koch's Nottingham warehouse

On Thursday 20th May, an anti-arms-trade activist will stand trial at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court. Kirk Jackson is pleading not guilty to a charge of aggravated trespass for his part in a protest that closed the international sales office of arms company Heckler & Koch for a day.

On 18th Feburary, Jackson and another local activist climbed onto the roof of Heckler & Koch’s unmarked warehouse in the Lenton Lane industrial estate and unfurled banners accusing the company of “arming repressive regimes”.

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Nottingham Peace Garden

Nottingham Peace Garden flyerA dove-shaped “Peace Garden” is being created in Nottingham at the Lenton Recreation Ground on Derby Road. The garden’s creator, Nottingham university student Giselle Kennedy says “The garden will symbolise community cohesion, which encourages peace and toleration. It could also be a focus for peace events.”

There will be a planting day on Friday 4th June and the organisers are asking for gardeners and volunteers to come along and help out between 10:00 and 15:00. Tools will be provided, but volunteers should bring their own lunch and drink. For more information, contact Giselle on +447948771168.

According to Lynne Richardson from Nottingham Quakers, “There are talks of using the venue for a Peace Festival… so it should be a good focus for peace work in Nottingham.” The Peace Garden will be situated just 1km from Nottingham’s largest arms company, Heckler & Koch.


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