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Notts arms dealer in trafficking conspiracy

Cotgrave businessman Guy Tinsley selling assault weapons at DSEi 2009

A Nottinghamshire businessman has been implicated in an international arms trafficking racket. Guy Tinsley, the Director of Cotgrave-based Easy Tiger International, was recorded arranging the illegal import of AK-47 magazines into the US, according to a report by the Rochester, New York-based newspaper Democrat and Chronicle.

In early 2009, Tinsley was acting as a buyer for a US-based firearms wholesaler called American Tactical. He brokered a deal to buy thousands of Chinese AK-47 magazines worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from German arms dealer Karl Kleber.

This deal was illegal because US law prohibited the import of firearms or ammunition from China. But that didn’t seem to trouble Tinsley. According to court documents obtained by the Democrat and Chronicle, Tinsley and Kleber discussed the stamps on the magazines (which falsely indicated that they were made in Bulgaria) and Tinsley told Kleber that he didn’t care where the magazines came from.

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Middle East dictatorships armed by H&K

Mohammed Hussein Tantawi with guard wielding H&K machine pistol

The head of Egypt's armed forces (l) on Cairo's Tahrir Square with bodyguard wielding a H&K machine pistol

Across the Middle East and North Africa, people have risen up to try to overthrow their undemocratic governments, and these uprisings have been met with state-sponsored violence and repression.

Now Notts Anti-Militarism can reveal that several of these repressive regimes have been armed by a company with an international sales office in Nottingham: Heckler & Koch.

In Libya, forces loyal to 42-year dictator Muammar Gaddafi have been slaughtering civilian protesters in the streets. According to Jane’s Infantry Weapons, Libya’s armed forces are still equipped with Heckler & Koch G3 rifles.

They bought these rifles from the Greek state manufacturer, which was in turn licensed by Heckler & Koch. The company has used the type of deal many times in order to profit from arms exports that would not be allowed in its home country.

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