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Heckler & Koch hides from Citizens’ Audit

On 21st December 2009, anti-arms-trade campaigners wrote to Nottingham-based arms company Heckler & Koch outlining their grave concerns about the company’s business activities, including the supply of weapons to repressive regimes. The open letter asked H&K to account for its dodgy dealings and provide assurances that its weapons would not be used to commit human rights abuses.

Heckler & Koch failed to reply, so 28 days later, groups of concerned citizens set out to audit the arms company and to pose the question to the people of Nottingham: “What are they hiding?”
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Shut Down H&K Goes to Church

Picture from the Trent Vineyard website with H&K lurking in the background

In an industrial estate in Nottingham, an anonymous warehouse serves as an international sales office and distribution depot for Heckler & Koch, a major small arms company, whose assault rifles and submachine guns are sold around the world. Next door to H&K is an evangelical church called Trent Vineyard, whose support local anti-arms activists are seeking in their campaign to close down the arms company. Shut Down H&K’s messages to the church leadership have gone unanswered, so campaign supporters decided to take their message to the regular churchgoers… Continue reading ‘Shut Down H&K Goes to Church’


Peace News to hold Winter Gathering in Nottingham

Peace News Winter Gathering 2010 banner

Anti-militarist magazine Peace News will be hosting a gathering of campaigners and activists in Nottingham this winter, in conjunction with Nottingham Student Peace Movement and Notts Anti-Militarism.

People from across the spectrum of the British peace movement will come together for a weekend of exploration, celebration and empowerment – learning from other movements, struggling with challenging issues, and creating greater cohesion and solidarity in a segmented peace movement.

The gathering will be held at the Sumac Centre in January, from the evening of Friday 15th until the afternoon of Sunday 17th. It will be followed by a mass non-violent direct action against a local arms company on the morning of Monday 18th.

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Demo at German HQ of Nottingham arms company

hk-catalogue-weaponssystem-1Four activists from Nottingham travelled to Germany to take part in a demonstration against arms company Heckler & Koch at the company’s international HQ in March.  H&K is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of small arms, and its guns are used throughout the world; from Darfur to Iraq, from Nigeria to Nepal.  The company has long been opposed by peace campaigners in Germany, and since 2008 its Nottingham office has been the target of a local campaign called Shut Down H&K.

In 2009 Heckler & Koch will be 60 years old.  In order to pre-empt the company’s birthday celebrations, German peace groups organised a protest with the slogan 60 Jahre Heckler & Koch: kein Grund zum Feiern (60 Years of Heckler & Koch: No Cause for Celebration).  The Nottingham activists were invited to a March 7th demonstration by the peace groups RIB, ORL and DFG-VK, who also funded their journey.

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Nottingham campaigners to visit Germany

Four Nottingham anti-arms trade campaigners are visiting the German town of Oberndorf-am-Neckar in early March to attend a major protest at the international headquarters of arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch, whose British branch is based in Nottingham.

The Nottingham delegation

The Nottingham delegation

The Nottingham activists will be joining their German counterparts to protest about Heckler & Koch’s role in supplying arms used in murderous conflcts around the world. It has been revealed that H&K guns have been used by the Janjaweed militias in Darfur, by Blackwater mercenaries in Iraq, by the Georgian army in South Ossetia, and by criminal gangs in the UK.

The four will represent a Nottingham-based campaign called Shut Down H&K, which has been building friendship links with German organisations who also oppose the arms trade. A German peace group caled the Armaments Information Office (RIB) invited them to attend the demonstration and offered to pay their travel expenses.

The March 7th protest has been organised by German campaign groups to pre-empt H&K’s 60th anniversary celebrations. The theme of the demonstration will be “Masquerade of Death” and the marchers will be split into two columns – one mourners dressed in black to commemorate the victims of war, and one dressed as arms dealers celebrating their booming business. There will also be a rally at which the delegation will deliver a speech about the Nottingham campaign against Heckler & Koch.

Child soldier with H&K rifleTaliban fighter with H&K rifleSerbian special forces armed with H&KNepalese soldier with H&K assault riflePalestinian militant with H&K submachine gun

Making a killing: Heckler & Koch guns in the hands of an African child soldier, a Taliban fighter in Pakistan, Serbian special forces, a Nepalese soldier and a Palestinian militant

press release in PDF


Shut Down H&K Spread The Word!

A small demo was held in Market Square on Thursday 22th January to raise awareness and spread the word about the campaign against arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch. Hundreds of flyers were handed out to passers-by with the aim of raising awareness that Nottingham is home to the international sales headquarters of a multinational arms company. Conversations were had with Nottingham residents not only about the presence of H&K in their city but also about the arms trade in general, creating an effective space to engage in dialogue with the public. For more details and pictures, see Indymedia.

Shut Down H&K campaigners raising awareness in Market Square (photo courtesy of Tash)

Shut Down H&K campaigners raising awareness in Market Square (photo courtesy of Tash)

There will be further demos in Market Square every fourth Thursday of the month, as well as continuing demos outside the headquarters in Lenton industrial estate every second Monday.


Full Circle demonstration

To highlight the link between the arms trade and refugees, and to call for an end to the exporting of arms and the deportation of asylum seekers, Shut Down H&K and No Borders Nottingham held a demonstration called FULL CIRCLE on Saturday 29th November 2008 on Nottingham’s Old Market Square.

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