British IFVs in IraqThis is a list of military establishments in and around Nottinghamshire. From recruitment to deployment, the military organisations listed here all contribute to the imperialist wars that Britain fights, such as those in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is widely argued that these unjustified wars are the responsibility of the politicians who ordered them, and not the troops, who are “just doing their job”. However, international law states that “The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility.”

Britain’s military is the most powerful in Europe, and is maintained at tremendous expense. This is not about defence; it is about wielding power on the world stage and dominating weaker nations in order to get more than our fair share of the world’s resources. This is imperialism, and it is and always has been the primary role of Britain’s armed forces.


49 (East) Brigade

This Brigade is one of the Army’s key formations. It recruits from across the East Midlands and East Anglia, and trains soldiers for many roles, including infantry, artillery, tank crew, combat engineer and psy-ops. The Brigade has supplied several battalions to take part in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Brigade HQ and barracks are at Chilwell Station, Chilwell, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 5HA.

Air Force

Joint Force Harrier

JFH controls all of the UK’s Harrier fighter-bombers. Since 2004 these warplanes have been used in Afghanistan, where they have dropped hundreds of bombs. All four of the UK’s battle-ready Harrier Squadrons are based at RAF Cottesmore, Oakham LE15 7BL.

Nuclear Weapons

nuclear warhead convoys

The UK’s nuclear weapons system consists of at least 200 nuclear warheads. Several times a year, a number of these warheads are transported across the country in trucks guarded by the Special Escort Group of the MoD Police. According to Nukewatch, these convoys are dangerous and the weapons are illegal under international law. The convoys usually stop for a break at Chilwell Station, Chilwell, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 5HA.


Each of the armed forces is supplemented by a reserve force made up of local volunteers who do military training part-time. Reservists may be deployed to support the regular armed forces in wars such as those in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Territorial Army

The TA is a militia that supplements the regular Army. Many TA soldiers have been deployed to help prosecute Britain’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

73 Engineer Regiment

The engineers of this TA Regiment help to keep the UK’s Harriers operational. These warplanes are currently used for attacking ground targets in Afghanistan. The regiment has three TA Centres in Nottinghamshire; the HQ at Wigman Rd, Nottingham NG8 3HY, and the 350 (Robin Hood) Field Squadron’s centres at Bath St, Mansfield NG18 1BA, and 120 Swiney Way, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 6GX.

C Company, 4 Mercian Regiment

C Company comprises two rifle platoons and a battlefield engineer platoon. Soldiers from this Company have been deployed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. C Company is based at the TA Centre, Bath St, Mansfield NG18 1BA.

S Squadron, The Royal Yeomanry

S Squadron’s job is Force Reconnaissance, which means that they go out in armoured vehicles, spot enemies and call in air-strikes. In 2004 they were deployed to Iraq. S Squadron’s TA Centre is at Cavendish Drive, Carlton, Nottingham NG4 3DX.

307 (South Notts Hussars) Battery, 100 Regiment Royal Artillery

The South Notts Hussars are a TA artillery unit, trained and equipped with howitzers. They are based at the Bulwell TA Centre, Hucknall Lane, Nottingham NG6 8AQ.

Royal Auxiliary Air Force

504 Squadron

The RAuxAF is Britain’s Air Force reserve, and 504 Squadron’s role is to defend Britain’s warplanes on the ground in foreign wars including Iraq and Afghanistan. The Squadron is based at RAF Cottesmore, Oakham LE15 7BL.

Royal Naval Reserve

HMS Sherwood

The RNR exists to reinforce Britain’s regular Navy with trained volunteers. HMS Sherwood is the RNR unit for the East Midlands. It is based on Chalfont Drive, Nottingham NG8 3LT.

Royal Marines Reserve

RMR Merseyside

The Royal Marines are an elite fighting force that is part of the Royal Navy. RMR volunteers are given commando training so they can support the regular Marines in wartime. RMR Merseyside is an RMR unit with an East Midlands detachment based at HMS Sherwood, Chalfont Drive, Nottingham NG8 3LT.

Reserve Training and Mobilisation Centre

The RTMC’s purpose is to prepare reserves to be deployed alongside regular troops. All British Army, Navy and Marine reservists pass through the RTMC before being sent to Iraq or Afghanistan. The RTMC is part of Chilwell Station, Chilwell, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 5HA.


The MoD funds a number of youth organisations whose purpose is to groom schoolchildren and teenagers for joining the armed forces.

Army Cadet Force

Describing its mission as an “Operation Against Boredom”, the ACF prepares children for army work and discipline. They are trained in various military skills, including marching, patrolling and handling and firing guns. The headquarters of the Notts ACF is at the TA Centre, 120 Swiney Way, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 6GX.

Air Training Corps

The ATC offers teenagers “challenge, excitement and adventure”. Its purpose is to groom them to serve in the RAF. Cadets are trained in uniformed drill and rifle shooting as well as flying. There are ATC Squadrons throughout Nottinghamshire, which are all part of the South and East Midlands Wing based at RAF Wittering, Peterborough PE8 6HB.

Sea Cadet Corps

The SCC advertises “fun, friendship, adventure and learning new skills”. It is funded by the MoD to groom children for Naval service. Sea Cadets are taught Navy traditions and trained to parade within a “uniformed and disciplined environment”. The more advanced Marine Cadets are given the chance to “get to grips with the firepower of some of the latest weapons”. Nottinghamshire’s SCC units belong to the Trent District in the Sea Cadets Eastern Area, which is based at Cadet Centre, Ropery Rd, Gainsborough, DN21 2NS.

University training units

Each of the armed forces has training units at various universities. These organisations recruit students with the promise of adventure, social life and personal development, and train them to be officers in the Army, Navy or Air Force.

University Officer Training Corps

The UOTC sells itself as “a University/College club with a great and varied social life… where you’ll find some of the cheapest drink on campus”. Its purpose is to train students to become officers in the regular Army or the TA. The East Midlands UOTC recruits at Nottingham’s two universities, and its HQ is the TA Centre, Broadgate, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 2HF.

University Air Squadron

The UAS offers flight training and “a huge range of sporting and leisure activities that no other university society can match”. Despite claiming that it “does not train people to go to war”, its main purpose is to turn students into Air Force officers. The East Midlands UAS recruits at both of Nottingham’s universities and is based at 72 Broadgate, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 2FW.


Armed Forces Careers Office

The AFCO is a recruiting centre for all three armed forces. Staff are on hand for a friendly chat about “excitement, travel, good pay and qualifications,” and glossy brochures portray the role of the armed forces as humanitarian intervention, peacekeeping and counter-terrorism, belying the reality of occupying other peoples’ lands in pursuit of Britain’s imperialist ambitions. The Notts AFCO is outside the Victoria Centre; 70 Milton St, Nottingham NG1 3QX.

Army Careers Information Office

The information about Army careers focuses on adventure, travel, training, pay, promotion and pension, rather than the messy business of killing people, while the Army’s role as enforcer of imperialist foreign policy is presented as humanitarian intervention, peacekeeping and counter-terrorism. There’s a full-time ACIO on Bath St, Mansfield NG18 1BA.


Reserve Forces and Cadets Association

The RFCA is a civilian organisation that provides local support for reserve forces – the TA, Auxiliary Air Force, Naval Reserve and Marines Reserve. This support includes publicity, recruitment and PR. It also manages the region’s MoD-sponsored youth groups – the Army Cadet Force, Air Training Corps, Sea Cadet Corps and Combined Cadet Force. The East Midlands RFCA is based at the TA Centre, Triumph Rd, Nottingham NG7 2GG.


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